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Hello.....From Jessica

Hello Everyone....

This is my first blog

This is WELL OVER DUE and I'm so EXCITED!!! I've been PUSHED by Friends and LEAD by G❤D. Y'all know I love Fashion and what better way to get it out my brain on a canvas. Honestly, I never really thought about blogging. It was more of a boutique or styling. I AM that GIRL y'all call and I LOVE it! However, life gets in the way sometimes and I have been a procrastinator. I was also afraid of failure. As I've gotten older I've grown closer to the Lord, little more spiritual (I still cuss). He's still working on me (smile). I've learned to TRUST Him and Me, so here we are. Fashion isn't always about Name Brands, don't get me wrong I AM a "Label Whore", but fashion is HOW you place it, WHAT you do with it...patterns, colors, the opposite of RIGHT❗️I hope that you enjoy this experience with me and are as excited as I am. Thank you to all my friends and loved ones who stayed on me to accomplish my dreams! Learn more about the P.S. w/ Love blog on my About page.


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