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Sunday Style

Last Night, I had the pleasure of Styling an Old friend for her Graduation Party. She made this process a breeze! She set a budget gave an ample amount of time for me to provide and work. In the mist of us getting things together, I showed and explained how to pick clothing on a daily for her body type. Everything doesn't fit everyone so, we have to wear and choose what fits "our" body type. For example: If "I" had skinny legs, I'd choose "knee" boots instead of "ankle" boots. The objective is to take the attention off of your "FLAW" and place it on the more "ATTRACTIVE" part of your body. By "NO" means am I saying don't embrace your flaws. Im simply speaking of "STYLE" on this blog hearts :). Also, I would like to thank "The SQUAD" Some of the BEST in Jackson, Ms.




Check out my client below on Graduation Night!

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