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This is a little off "FASHION". I would like to point out how nice TINY looked last night on T.I. and Tiny Hustle Family. Not to bash Men because All Men are not the same. As I watched the show last night and they discussed their Future and the reason for the Break Up. It bothers me as a Woman how Men can be in a Relationship or Married and be with a 1000 Women Intimately ,BUT as soon as they hear, see a mention of their woman with another man IT'S ALL OVER! How fair is that when in a relationship? T.I. stated "You (TINY) were with a Guy that you knew I (T.I.) was at ODD'S with. Tiny replied and you (T.I.) was with a girl I (TINY) hired to do work. T.I. response was "WERE YOU AT ODD'S WITH HER"? (ME), SAY WHET SIR!!!!! LOL. I love T.I. and TINY and nothing last forever. When being in a relationship it's about TWO people and I think you should treat each other how you would want to be treated. It's all about respect. This is my opinion. What do you guys think? Please comment below...

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