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Faux Fur Slides

Let's talk about these cute cute faux fur slides... I was recently asked "Is it okay" to wear these slides in the summer time? My answer was yes. We now live in a time where there are no rules. You wear whatever you like. Well, fashionably that is......

I've seen different colors and designs of these slides and I really like what I've seen thus far. Mudear would say they are "house shoes" and should be worn in the "house", LOL! 2018 baby, times have definitely changed. How will you wear your slides? I would Rock these babies with cut-off jean shorts and a cute tank. Overly accessorized of course. My 2nd choice would be a Camo all over jumper rolled up at the ankles (sure to have on a cute little anklet) bamboo earrings and a bun:). There are several different ways to rock your fur slides. Just remember to keep it simple with the attire and let the slides have the show! However you rock them, Im sure it will be with Love.


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